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Living Wage Campaign Organizing Manual

Now Available

This comprehensive 180-page guide for organizing living wage campaigns is designed to help living wage activists get started on a campaign — and will be useful throughout.  The guide is authored by David Reynolds of Wayne State University Labor Studies Center (who has been actively involved with several living wage campaigns) and the ACORN Living Wage Resource Center.  It includes an overview of the basic living wage issues, campaigns case studies, how-to sections on strategic planning and the nuts and bolts of organizing successful living wage campaigns.  It also includes samples ordinances, op-eds and letters, campaign endorsement forms, coalition letters and lists, research memos, neighborhood flyers, opposition materials, etc.  This guide is the most comprehensive and accessible compilation of living wage materials and organizing theory available anywhere.

To order Living Wage Campaigns: An Activist’s Guide to Building the Movement for Economic Justice send a check or money order for $12 (payable to ACORN) to 739 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.  Substantial portions of this guide are now available at


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